CalendarPainter – Create Personalized / Customized Calendar For Free

CalendarPainter is a free program that offers a quick and easy way to create personalized / customized calendars to print in just 6 steps using your photos and also allows you to enter holidays and anniversaries. Step 1 Choose the number of months per calendar page (1, 3 or 12 months), the first day of […]

TubeOke –Watch YouTube Videos With Lyrics |YouTube Karaoke|

TubeOke is an amazing free web service which lets you watch YouTube videos with lyrics. Yes, it is more like a YouTube Karaoke. TubeOke is a free online service very nice. Basically lets you search for a video on YouTube as well as a song and the video playback appears alongside the text with words […]

PanelDaemon – Manage, Start, Stop Windows Services With A Web Browser or Mobile Device

PanelDaemon is a free tool that lets you manage, start and stop Windows services via your web browser or mobile device. It is written in ASP.NET and C # and works with IIS. Then you install the Windows IIS web server to run it. Once installed and configured IIS, you can access the services of […]

How To Try A Tattoo On Your Body Before Getting It Actually Printed

Tatmash is a free web service which lets you to try a tattoo on your body without actually getting it printed on your body. Tatmash service is very nice for all those who are fond of tattoos. Using this web service is very easy. First, you must first choose a tattoo or upload your own. […]

MegaPDF – Find and Download PDF Ebooks For Free

MegaPDF is a web site which lets you search, find and download PDF ebooks for free. This web site is very useful to all those who are looking for free Ebooks in PDF format. The site offers you with a huge number of free ebooks and the count goes to some 379 million. Using this […]

Comical – Download and Read Books / Comics Online On Desktop

Comical is a free program for Windows that offers a comfortable way to download and read comics online. With it you can download and read the book straight from your desktop, without requiring you to access any site. The application displays the list of comics on the left side and to update all items in […]

Cheap Laptop Computer

This guide is brought to you by moneysupermarket, and is complied in such a way that it offers you with some incredible key points which would help you to make wise decisions while purchasing a brand new laptop. Size and Weight With time, companies are coming up with more and more compact laptop computers. The […]

Mp3 Bitrate Changer – Change Bitrate To Compress / Reduce Size Of MP3 Files

Changing the bitrate of the MP3 files is one the best way to compress / reduce the size of the MP3 audio file. Mp3 Bitrate Changer is a free tool which lets you change the bitrate in order to compress the size of the MP3 files. Since, reducing the bitrate degrades the quality of the […]

WinTinker Password Generator – Create Strong Passwords Easy To Remember

WinTinker Password Generator is a free program which creates / generates strong passwords that can be easily remembered. A strong password should match letters, numbers, symbols and can switch between uppercase and lowercase letters. Unfortunately most users still use common words as passwords because they are easy to remember. However, a strong password is not […]

ILovePDF – Split And Merge PDF File Online For Free

IlovePdf is a free web service that lets you merge and split your PDF files. So, you need not download any program for that. You can simply visit their site and start using their service. Merge PDF Files: To use this feature go to the section Merge PDF, click on the button and choose two […]

Free Download Full Version – Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro – License / Activation Code

Here is a promotional offer for free download of full version of Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro with Serial / License / Activation Code or key. This is a giveaway by PC Authority which lets you download the license / activation code for 6 months to  Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro. Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro is a […] – Easiest Way To Share Music On Facebook and Twitter

Services like are not the only way to share your favorite music on Facebook and Twitter. is one such service, which is the easiest way to share music on Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter.    The best thing about is that unlike most of the similar web services, it does not require […]

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