OffiSync – Open / Edit MS-Office Files Online with Google Docs

If you work a lot on Google Docs and MS-Office and want to access files from anywhere, OffiSync will help you do it. It lets you open and edit your Microsoft Office documents or files online using Google Docs. Using OfficSync you can save and open Office files directly to Google Docs. Create, delete and move […]

How to Check Pen / Flash Drives & Memory Cards for Errors

The SD cards you used in your camera or or thumb drives may be defective and it will not be possible to read some of the files. To ensure all your flash memory devices are working fine, You can conduct a thorough test using Check Flash, a free utility that can be used to test […]

How to Amplify AC3 Sound Volume on a Notebook – Increase DVDs Volume

Your notebook plays MP3s and music CDs correctly and at full volume. But for videos and DVDs, the volume seems to be a little lower than usual. This unsatisfactory and frustrating situation is caused by a faulty AC3 driver implementation. The fact that the audio is even audible means that the AC3 driver is working […]

Play and Download Free Online Flash Games – Daily Games

For all you gamers out there who like to play casual online games on your computer, we found the website for you! Daily Games has many free online games, which will definitely keep you entertained for a long time. All the free flash games here are simple point and click games and anyone from any […]

How to Call Up / Access Different Print Settings Easily

You often need to print documents to proofread them. Depending on the application, you print some documents in black and white to save ink and some in color or at higher resolutions. However, resetting the printer driver every time is quite a task. Here is a procedure to call up or access different print settings […]

DocShaker – Create, Send, Track, Receive & Sign Documents / Contracts / Agreements Online

Now-a-days, working online is becoming more prominent and it requires quick and easy ways to  handle contracts, agreements and documents online. DocShaker is one of the best free ways to create, send, receive, track and sign documents online. It helps you get user confirmation for online docs.It can be used to sign terms and conditions, […]

Speed up Mozilla Firefox Internet Surfing – FasterFox

With loads of addons or extensions Firefox may not work as fast as you want. There are several ways to speed up Firefox browser. One such way is a small tool called FasterFox. It can speed up your Mozilla Firefox’s internet surfing capabilities. It makes your browser work faster. We already discussed article on How […]

Run Maintenance Tasks while Logging On and Off Windows [How to]

It’s easy to ensure that scripts are run each time Windows logs on or off. You can schedule important procedures such as updates, backups, and can even run maintenance tasks on startup or shutdown. This is useful to speed up your computer and also to keep your windows system clean. The tool you need to […]

SlideMate – Mark Screen Anywhere – Free On-Screen Annotation Tool

If you are looking for a free application which can be used to mark screen anytime, anywhere, from any application, Try SlideMate, an On-Screen Annotation Tool which can help you to create stunning slideshow, draw a pencil picture for kids, review business reports with associates and can even annotate on your screen and make a […]

10 Useful & Essential Google Chrome Extensions / Add-ons

Google has announced the release of Google Chrome extensions / add-ons. There are almost 500 Chrome add-ons available, so we list of some of the best and most useful chrome extensions. Check out our post to know How to Use Google Chrome Extensions – Enable, Install , Remove These Google Chrome add-ons can enhance your […]

How to Make Extended Log Entries for Faster Error Detection

The system has started giving trouble after a new program was installed. Windows records all events in a log file. However, the details in it are not clear enough to diagnose the problem. In the registry, you can specify whether Windows should record detailed log entries in the event log. You can make a more […]

Registry System Wizard – Clean & Fine Tune the Registry

It makes sense to clean the registry to make it lighter by eliminating invalid items or entries that are no longer required, and that’s exactly what Registry System Wizard (RSW) does. That does not actually have anything to do with tuning Windows, but it does make a difference indirectly. On starting RSW, it displays a […]

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