Microsoft Security Essentials – Download Free Antivirus for Windows OS

Microsoft Security essentials is a free antivirus software from Microsoft. A beta version had been released in June 2009 which got great response. Now the final version is released for all the Windows Operating systems like Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 is available for free download. You must have a genuine copy of Windows […]

Font Capture – Create your Own Fonts from Handwriting

We always like to use a lot of different fonts. How would it be if you can create a font from your own hand writing. Font Capture is a free service which lets you turn your hand writing in to a special font which can be used anywhere. Best part is that you don’t need […]

Problems During Computer Games Installation – Error Messages [ Troubleshoot ]

Sometimes, a brand new game DVD you bought may not work. You may face error messages whenever you try to install the game making the installation impossible. What could be the possible cause for this? Here is a way to troubleshoot the computer game installation errors. Problems encountered during installation often reflect the quality of […]

Batch File Rename Utility – Rename Multiple Files or Folders

It is often a tiresome task to rename each and every file individually. Here is a simple utility which will let you rename multiple files or folders at once. It is called Batch File Rename Utility, an easy to use file and folder renaming tool. You can rename with various options like changing case of […]

How to Block Ads in Opera Browser– Remove Advertisements

There are many adblockers for different browsers. Opera don’t have any standard ad blocking application. Here is a simple way to block almost all the advertisements in Opera 10 browser. Using inbuilt feature of Opera 10, you can avoid and remove ads on the websites or blogs you surf. We already discussed a way to […]

Create your Own Video Clips Online – Clip Generator

Clip Generator is a great tool to create cool video clips online using your own pictures. This web service can be used to make your own customized video clips out of pictures, photos or images and can add your favorite music or sound to them. You can even add special effects and can create your […]

How to Set and Use Default File Format for Word Documents

When you create a document in Word, you need to save it in a particular format. Usually these formats are Word or Word version specific. This can cause a problem especially if you open your Word documents on more than one machine with different versions of Word. However, there are a few formats that are […]

Create Free Sitemap or Flow Chart Designs Online – SlickPlan

SlickPlan is a free web service which can be used to create free Sitemaps or flowcharts online. This web application works as a sitemap / flowchart generator that makes designs of sitemap and flowchart easily. This is very useful for web designers and developers who need to create navigation flowcharts or site plans for their […]

Find who Tweeted your Links with Tweetiator

Tweetiator is a new twitter application which will notice you when any one tweets your links. This web service alerts you when any one tweets your website or blogs link. By this you will know whenever people share links of your content on Twitter and you can easily connect with them in real time. In […]

Control Pad – Execute Commands with Numeric Keypad

Control Pad is a free portable software that can turn your numeric keypad into a command execution center. Using this program, you can assign different kinds of actions like opening files, websites, or any other operation to different keys of numeric keypad. You can use this to do all the actions which can be performed […]

How to Display Away Messages in MySpace

Many users remain logged on to all day and keep in touch with online friends by means of messages. These messages are spontaneously sent across to contacts and friends and can facilitate as a great substitute to the stereotypical mailing systems. However, there may be occasions when you will not be able to respond […]

Mouse Pointer Jumps to one End of the Screen on Clicking [ Troubleshoot ]

Recently, my mouse started acting weird. Just before I click on a logo or a link the mouse pointer jumps to the left bottom corner of my screen. I have tried keeping the mouse as still as I can but this doesn’t work. It keeps jumping out of reach on the screen and this doesn’t […]

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