Free Download Nero 9 CD / DVD Burning Software

Nero 9 is one of the best CD or DVD burning software available. Now you can download Nero 9 for free. This is a special offer from Nero which lets you use Nero 9 software forever without buying it. You can enjoy Nero’s world-renowned data disc burning and copying features for an unlimited time, absolutely […]

K-Lite Mega – Play Every Video and Audio File Formats [ Media Player Codecs ]

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack is one of the best free media player software with all the required codecs to play video and audio files of every format available. It lets you play your files right off any player, unlike VideoLan. It does this because it essentially a pack of several codecs which help any multimedia […]

How to Generate Random Numbers in MS-Excel

If you want to generate random numbers for use in your Excel spreadsheet, the RAND function helps to generate numbers without any specifications. But what if you need to generate random numbers only within a given range?  Just follow these simple steps to learn how. Click on the cell where you would like to begin […]

GParted – Free Partition Manager – Create, Reorganize, Delete Disk Partitions

GParted (GNOME Partition Editor) is a free partition manager based on Linux, but it can also be used on Windows OS. It can be used to create, reorganize and delete the hard disk partitions. This freeware is  available in three forms:a binary that can be compiled on any Linux distro, a Live CD which can […]

4 Tips To Speed Up Network Browsing – Faster Network Access

If you’re on a network and are tired of waiting for ages for all the network shares to load, you’ll love this article. Using some basic fixes you can speed up your network browsing which leads to faster network access to systems in the network. You can check out how to share folders on the […]

Free Download Ashampoo Office 2008 – License Activation Key

Ashampoo Office is one of the best office applications available. Here is an offer to download Ashampoo Office 2008 for free. This giveaway lets you use the full version of this Office suite with genuine license activation key. Ashampoo can be used as a replacement or alternative for MS-Office. Here is the procedure to get […]

How to View Email Attachments Instantly without Downloading in Gmail

Here’s a way to view your Gmail attachments without having to download them. It will also help you avoid the trouble of getting the right application installed before you can open the file because Gmail is compatible with some of the most common file formats, including PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, RTF, SXW, SXC, SXI, SDW, […]

Download Free Fonts – 1000+ Different Designs – FFonts

FFonts has a huge collection of Free Fonts. You can download more than thousand fonts for free. These fonts are of 1000+ different types of fonts with variety designs which are free to use. Using this site, You can even share your own fonts with others too. If you want to create your own fonts […]

How to Search Files Directly from Taskbar / Quick Launch Toolbar in Vista

The system search simplifies dealing with large databases. You can search for any file in your hard disk drive easily. In Windows Vista, Microsoft has hidden search in the start menu. It would be more practical to call search directly from the task bar. With a simple workaround, you can get search bar in the […]

Design and Print Free CD / DVD/ Bluray Covers and Labels with exPressIt

Want to make CD/ DVD/ Bluray covers but don’t have a full blown version of Nero? Don’t worry, because you don’t really need it! exPressIt is a free application that will let you design and print directly to your very own professional-looking disc labels or covers.The software is fairly easy to use, with default templates […]

Organize, Classify and Store Firefox Bookmarks by Creating Bookmark Folders

Organizing Firefox bookmarks is a big pain especially if you have a lot of bookmarks. Instead of using special add-ons or software, you can easily maintain them using Bookmark Folders.  It is easy to classify and store your bookmarks in folders so that it is easier to find them. The bookmarks will appear in a […]

How to Open a Command Prompt from a Folder’s Right Click Context Menu

Even though a graphical user interface is indispensable, the command prompt still comes in handy at times. However, when you wish to bring up the MS-DOS box, the shortcut is hidden deep within the start menu. How about making the command prompt available instantly? If you use the command prompt frequently, the best way to […]

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