Jarte – Free Small & Portable Feature Rich Word Processor

WordPad comes pre loaded with any Windows OS, but is minimalist and does not support tables, objects, multiple document tabs, and is definitely not easy on the eyes. Jarte (pronounced ‘har-tay’) is a word processor built on the WordPad engine, and it can do a lot more than just the ability to write a text […]

Display Outlook Reminders and Mails Continuously in Vista

Generally the important reminders and emails of Microsoft Outlook easily will go unnoticed as they get buried under numerous application windows on the screen. Now you can keep important schedules and emails in direct view with a sidebar gadget, eliminating the need to frequently switch to Outlook to check the Inbox. The gadget mentioned here […]

Reconstruct your Deleted Bookmarks/Most Frequently visited websites Folder in Firefox

Your favorite sites are quickly accessible through your "Most frequently visited" folder on the Bookmarks toolbar.  However, you accidentally deleted or overwrote these bookmarks while backing up your computer.There is unfortunately no menu option to undelete the folder. This is because your bookmark library is actually a small database and you have to define a […]

How To Use an External Hard Disk via the eSATA Port

You’ve bought yourself an external hard disk with an eSATA connection in order to manage the quantities of data you have because of the high transfer speed. But unlike with USB, your PC detects the drive only after restarting the computer and not automatically. The eSATA protocol should be able to work with “hotplugged” drives. […]

How To Prevent Data Theft from the Swap File in Windows XP & Vista

The swap file might contain confidential information, but it continues to store data even after the PC has been shut down. Although this data is not easily accessible, hackers are equipped with tools like ‘Poolfinder’, which help them read this data. If your notebook which is often traveling with you is lost or stolen, the […]

Free Excel Spreadsheet Unlock Online Utility – Crack Open XLS Files Without A Password

You can restrict or password protect your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet documents with a password. This prevents the document from being edited or modified. If you want to crack or unlock these Excel Spreadsheets which are XLS files, you can now do it using Free Excel Spreadsheet Unlock Online Utility. This application lets you upload an […]

Display File Path of Your Document in MS-Word Address Bar

Can you precisely remember the exact file path of your document? At times, your answer might be ‘Yes’. But what if the document is hidden within layers of folders and sub-folders? Lost are you? Don’t worry, you can customize Word such that the address of the document is displayed in the toolbar. It is simple. […]

Autorun Eater – Block Malicious Autorun Files from USB and Portable Hard Drives

USB drives are the most vulnerable devices for viruses. We already discussed how to remove virus from USB drives manually and  protect your PC from being infected by any autorun programs of USB.  Here is a freeware called Autorun Eater which can be used to monitor and detect malicious autorun files to prevent malware infections […]

Convert Different Units of Temperature, Volume, Distance, weight, Area and Speed online with Converticious

Converticious, a free web application will let you convert different units of temperature, volume, distance, weight, area and speed online. This is a very simple interface which has the units divided into categories which are present on the home page. On selecting the type of conversion you want, you will be presented with the different […]

Create and Manage Your Own Mobile Site Online with Movylo Mobile CMS

Here is a simple way to create and manage your own mobile sites online. A cool web application called Movylo which is a mobile CMS platform will allows you to do that. This application can be used in many ways and it helps you create mobile friendly web pages which has text, videos, sound etc. […]

Download Different Types of Free Cursors & Glitters at Totally Free Cursors

TotallyFreeCursors.com is a free library of cursors. The site offers you to download free cursors  of various types which can be used on your computer. The site allows you to browse through various types of cursors and lets you pick the ones you need. You can also get code and embed them on your profiles […]

How to Reduce Memory Consumption and Free Up CPU Resources of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is used by many one including me. I like the speed of the browser. But One thing I don’t like in Chrome is it takes more memory or CPU resources. Chrome creates a separate process for each tab asking for separate resources from the computer. The priority is given to the active tab. […]

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