Defragment Drives Easily from Right Click – Context Menu

For the system to work smoothly, the hard disk must be defragmented regularly. However, using the Start menu to open the Disk Manager each time becomes cumbersome. With an entry in the registry, you can expand the context menu for disk drives to include the command to defragment them directly from the right click context […]

Social Media for Firefox – Know Popularity of Bookmarked Content

Social Media for Firefox is one cool add-on which gives the number of Diggs, Reddit Votes, Stumble Thumbs and or Reviews, tags, twitter Tweets, Sphinns, Mixx, and Tip’d votes so you can quickly see how popular certain content is. The add-on also shows the content which is not submitted to social bookmarking site so […]

LiteType – Free Online Virtual Multilingual and Interactive Keyboard Tool

Here is a web application which will provide you with a Online Virtual keyboard using which you can type in more than 50 different foreign languages. It is called LiteType, a free online virtual multilingual and interactive keyboard tool. The utility also allows you to search the typed text on Google, Wikipedia, and other resources […]

How to Print Address on Envelopes using MS-Word

Printing address on envelopes is customary especially in business correspondence. Since there are various envelope sizes available and there is no standard envelope printing method for printing envelopes on your PC, this can be a tricky proposition. But here’s an easy way to print your envelopes in your printer using MS Word.   STEP 1: […]

Mounting Windows Network Shares in Linux

Too many people use Windows and Linux, so you’re going to have to access Windows network shares in Linux some time or the other. Samba is what Linux uses to host shares and access remote ones. To do this, go to Applications > System Tools > Terminal. Create a location where you want to mount […]

How to Make Video Play Lists of YouTube Videos

YouTube has many videos that are saved and uploaded by users from all across the world. These include some music videos, home videos, live performances, sports events and many other categories of videos.The most common technique used to save these videos for later viewing is by adding them to your “Favorites” folder. Another fascinating feature […]

Free Online Currency Converter and Foreign Exchange is a free online currency converter. The site provides users with updated foreign exchange values and a quick converter that has every currency value enlisted in it. The site refreshes after fixed time intervals in order to change the updated conversion values. To convert currency Visit and Enter the value of the amount […]

Desktop Sidebar for Windows XP – Access Frequently Used Functions Faster

In Windows Vista, you can constantly keep an eye on information using the sidebar gadgets. Now, you can have this easy access to information in XP as well. Desktop Sidebar, available for all versions of Windows, offers great functionality and is a free application which lets you have many features in desktop’s sidebar like weather […]

Start / Launch any Programs or Applications from the Firefox Browser

To start other applications, you have to go to the desktop or navigate through the Start menu. You want to be able to start important programs or applications while you are surfing in Firefox which is always open, but you don’t know how. There are various ways one can start applications, for example, through the […]

FotoFlexer – World’s Most Advanced Online Photo or Image Editor

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you urgently need to edit photographs and don’t have Photoshop installed on your computer? Don’t worry, simply log on to and edit your pictures online! This site has all the tools you need, including resizing, cropping, color adjustment, special effects, etc. It also has additional […]

How to Clean and Maintain your SMPS – Switched Mode Power Supply

In this article I will show you how to clean and maintain your Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS ). Extend the life of your computer by ensuring your power supply unit is running cool. If your SMPS is dirty, its fan may stop rotating, resulting in overheating. Do not open the SMPS if it’s under […]

Manage your Windows XP Desktop Better with Virtual Desktop Manager

Moving too many windows opened simultaneously is very tedious. Besides, the budget is too small to procure a giant TFT.  If you are short on desktop space, you have the option of virtually enlarging the monitor with Virtual Desktops. With Multiple Desktops in one Monitor, You can then group communication and Internet programs, on one […]

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