Turn Off Hard Drive Indexing to Speed Up XP

Windows XP keeps a record of all files on the hard disk so when you do a search on the hard drive it is faster because of the indexed files. There is a downside to this and because the computer has to index all files, it will slow down normal file commands like open, close, […]

Miro – Free Internet TV and Multi Format Video Player

Miro is an Open Source Internet TV and video player Software. Its is free to download. This player works on 3 operating systems: Mac, Windows and also Linux. This software can search videos from various video sharing sites. It serves as an Internet TV by streaming and downloading videos online and also as a very […]

Install Programs Faster by Restarting the Explorer

Some installations and changes to system settings require you to reboot the computer. Most of the time, it is sufficient to restart only the system interface, i.e. Explorer. This process is much faster and is easy to perform. Here is a way to speed up Installing of your applications Process. Restarting Explorer ensures that the […]

Search Different Torrent Search Engines at Once with TorrentSurf

Searching torrents from different torrent search engines is a time taking process. Here is TorrenSurf , a real-time torrent search site that lets you simultaneously search 14 leading torrent engines such as Mininova, isoHunt, FullDls, Fenopy, BTJunkie, SumoTorrent, Demonoid, The Pirate Bay, Mybittorrent, Monova, NewTorrents, SeedPeer, TorrentHub and LegitTorrents. You can even sort torrent results […]

Get More Features in Outlook by Connecting Outlook Mail to MS Word

Microsoft Word can be used as the default text processor for composing, editing, or reading e-mails. If you set up an option  in Outlook, then whenever you compose a new mail, the Word formatting toolbar will appear, allowing you to use all the rich features of Word to prepare and format your e-mail message. Rich […]

Assassin’s Creed – Review and Game Play

Recently I have played a game called Assassin’s Creed. This game is available in 3 platforms PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Here I am going to Discuss about the Game Play and features of this third-person stealth game which won many awards. Assassin’s Creed is set in the not too distant future. You’re part […]

9 Best Free iPod Touch and iPhone Games you should Download

Apple’s iPhone and iPod, iPod Touch are used by many people all over the world. The best part with iPhone and iPod Touch is the availability of number of applications which serve in different ways. Games are most downloaded applications. There are thousands of games available for download. I handpicked some 9 best games for iPhone […]

Download Windows Vista Ultimate – Helpful Hints Tips and Tricks E-Book for Free

If you are a Windows Vista Ultimate user, who do not know how to operate it to its full potential and take maximum advantage of the superior features come with the operating system, Here is one cool book which can help you in many ways. It is called “Windows Vista Ultimate – Helpful Hints”, a […]

Use A Combo Box to Create Drop Down Lists In Excel

Combo Box is a very useful feature in MS Excel. It lets you display the result of the drop down list you made. Say you want to select a month from a drop-down list, and have the month number (as in “3” for “March”) appear in a cell. Here’s how to go about it. First, […]

How To Safely Over Clock Your CPU

CPU overclocking has its advantages but it can also be risky business. Here is a safe way to overclock your CPU. Most processors allow overclocking only to a certain extent. Others, by virtue of their design, allow it a little more. Most processors today have their clock multipliers locked and this prevents them from being […]

How to Back Up your Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Data

Do you fear losing precious data from your Sony Ericsson mobile phone in cases of theft, damage or virus attacks? You may not mind losing the handset so much, but the data inside the phone, be it your SMSs, phone numbers or even your personal videos and pictures, may have had importance to you. Here […]

Identify Every Running Program on your Computer with Process Explorer

You can peek under the hood of Windows and know what’s running with Windows Task Manager but Processor Explorer shows you much more! This recently updated application has a knack for helping you identify every little process/application/dll/handle that is running under Windows. Process Explorer is an application made for advanced users. Unlike Windows Task Manager, […]

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