How To Create Your Own Animated Avatar using Web Cam

Avatars are the best way to express yourself. these are very much popular in different social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter etc. You can even use these as your Gravatar so that everyone can notice you with it. Generally we get download avatars from thousands of available sites. But here is a very […]

Easter Egg – Play Tetris Game in UTorrent

Easter eggs are there to lighten up the mood and they do so by shocking us or making us laugh. An Easter Egg can be defined as a hidden message, joke, feature, sounds etc in a particular Movie, Book, CD, Games and Computer Programs like software. UTorrent ( Mu-Torrent ), a popular Software for Torrents […]

How to Send Fax Messages using Open Office

Fax messages can be sent by using Open Office. The process is very simple and for those who don’t know what Open Office is, It is an Open source alternative to MS- Office. You can download it at Download Sending Faxes and Configuring for Faxing To send a fax directly from, you […]

How To Install Windows XP Over Vista

Installing Windows Vista over Windows XP is pretty simple. But If you are a XP lover like me, you can even Install Windows XP over Windows Vista. One way of doing this is a clean install of XP which is done by formatting the drive and installing a fresh copy of XP over it. The […]

How To Use FTP Through the Command Line

It is possible to upload files to your web server using the Windows command line. The command line has an inbuilt tool that will allow you to connect to your web server using FTP. However, I would recommend you not to use this as it is a bit difficult and you have to enter commands […]

How To Host Your Own Web Albums of Picasa

If you don’t want to use Google’s online Web space like PICASA web albums to store your photos, you can upload them to your own personal Web site’s FTP server. This article tells you the procedure to move your files from Picasa web album to your own Host. In order to do it Right-click on […]

How to Setup IMAP for Gmail

Checking  E-mail  has  become  a  part of  everyone’s  daily  routine.  Gmail came as blessing  for many giving users a  free  no-nonsense  e-mail  service with loads of  free mailbox space. There have many innovative features that have been built  around  the  e-mail  service  itself. One  of  the  last few  improvements was the inclusion of IMAP which […]

How to Identify Broken or Missing Drivers with Driver Verifier

While you rarely see a BSOD with Windows XP, the few times they do crop up are usually due to misbehaving drivers. To see which of these (if any) broken or missing drivers is causing your problems, use XP’s unsung Driver Verifier Manager ( Start > Run > “verifier” > [Enter] ). In the first […]

Download Secret Maryo Chronicles, An Open Source Version of Super Mario Brothers

Secret Maryo Chronicles is an open source two dimensional version of Super Mario Brothers. This is fun to play as it reminds you of the good old Mario Brothers Video Game which is very much popular in all parts of the world. It is actively being developed and maintained by the Secret Maryo Chronicles development […]

List of Common FTP Error Codes

Whenever you use File Transfer Protocol or simply FTP you are likely to come across some common errors. The common FTP errors are listed out here. The error number is given along with a description about the error. This will be useful as a quick reference..   110 – Restart marker reply. In this case, […]

How To Clear Unwanted Items From Add or Remove Programs

We uninstall programs or applications installed in the computer by using Add or Remove Programs option in the Control Panel. Most of the time when you uninstall a program it gets completely uninstalled deleting all the contents of the particular software in the system. Sometimes when you uninstall a program or software it still gets […]

How to Enable Permalinks in WordPress Blogs

Permalinks in your WordPress blog/site is an important step in making your blog/site more search engine friendly. In this post I will show you how to enable your permalinks more search engine friendly by altering the regular permalink structure. If you were not aware, by default WordPress generates URLs that looks something like this.. […]

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