5 Maintenance Tasks that Improve Performance of Computer

If your computer seems slower than it used to be, it probably is. Over time, computers get slower because files become disorganized and resources are consumed by unnecessary software. Fortunately, Your Operating System includes tools to clean up your computer and restore its performance. The five steps in this article will walk you through the […]

Information on Spyware

Spyware is software or software code that is written purposefully to steal the user’s information like banking details, social security number, passwords, or similar information or to spy on the person’s online surfing habits. Spyware is usually designed in such a way that it infects the computer without the user’s approval and in most cases […]

How to Disable Image Compression in Microsoft Office 2007

By default, Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 compresses images put into a presentation while saving. While this saves file size, it can result in a loss of quality – which you might not always want. To disable Image compression ..   Select the Office Button > Save As. Then select Tools > Compress Pictures. Click Options. Uncheck […]

How to Start and End Processes on a Remote Computer

To access a Remote Computer there are number of command-line utilities that let you administer Windows NT/2K/2003/XP/Vista computers. We can start or end processes on a remote computer by using a collection of tools – known as PsTools – Download them here : DOWNLOAD PSTOOLS. The tools help administrators streamline management tasks such as troubleshooting […]

Speed Up Internet Explorer Loading and Browsing Speeds

Like Firefox, Internet Explorer is very slow to load pages. There are various reasons for this: the number of simultaneous connections that IE makes with the server is limited and it also keeps searching for network shares and printers. Here are some registry tweaks to Speed up Internet Explorer and significantly improve your Internet browsing […]

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