How to Disable User Access Control in Vista

User Access Control is that annoying thing that keeps on popping up tirelessly to ask you if it is OK to install a particular program when you try to install one. It is one of the biggest irritants in Vista, but I must warn you that disabling it will render your system less secure.   […]

Learn Free Web Designing Online Tutorials

If you are a beginner to intermediate level Web programmer, you will probably find indispensable for learning whole lot of things. The site is categorised into eight broad categories. At the first category, User Forums, you will find opinions about various Web sites and how they could have been done better. A forum on […]

Smart Ways to Search Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook involves a lot of data and loads of mails and it is hard to search for a particular item. We can simplify this search by use of some prefixes while searching. I listed all the keywords that can be used for smart searching. Here is a list of Prefixes to use Outlook 2007’s […]

How to Create Own Quake III Game Maps

Quake Arena is one of the best multiplayer games ever, and easily one of the most refined game engines ever made. To make your very first map in Quake III, you need a copy of the game (naturally) and GTKRadiant—which is freely available for download at GTKRadiant is used to create maps for many […]

How to Clean Open With Option of Right Click Context Menu

When you right-click on a file, one of the options you see is “Open With”. These usually contain what Windows thinks are valid programs to open particular file types. Now, sometimes, when you have bad installers or uninstallers, some programs leave their mark on this context menu. Basically, if you want to clean out this […]

How to Speed Up Acrobat Reader Loading Time

Adobe Acrobat reader is used by many people to access their PDF files. But it really irritates when acrobat reader takes 5 to 10 seconds to load when you want to open a pdf document. Here is a way to speed up the loading time. 1. Go to the installation folder of acrobat reader (C:\program […]

Convert Audio, Video or Picture Files into any Format with One Click

If your work involves managing many pictures, audio and video files and changing their properties, DMSI will be downright useful. It integrates into the Explorer shell; when you right-click on an image, audio or video file, it lists a host of formats and resolutions to which you can convert the file. You just need to […]

Turn your PC into an Intrusion Detection System

You probably have an antivirus, and maybe a firewall to stop attacks to your box. However, have you ever considered using an Intrusion Detection System (IDS), especially if your box is part of a network? An IDS, unlike a firewall, works passively— instead of blocking traffic, they simply log attacks to a file and alert […]

Organize Your Opened Windows on Desktop with WinSplit

So you have this seventeen inch screen you are very happy with and you are constantly multi-tasking, opening up all those windows on the screen can be a tad confusing. WinSplit Revolution helps you align all those windows on the screen at the click of a button. Of course, you can do this manually too […]

How to Change The Default Drive Tools In XP

Windows XP bundles some utilities to take care of common problems. The defragmenter brings scattered data together to boost file access speed. Scandisk checks for and fixes disk errors. Disk Cleanup sweeps unwanted files off your hard drive, and Backup backs up your files. While these utilities do what they claim to do, there are […]

How to Add Various File types to the Context Menu in Explorer

In Explorer, when using the File > New option, or when right-clicking and selecting New, you get a list of files that you can create, including text documents, folders, images, sounds, Excel spreadsheets, etc. If you want to be able to make new items, such as HTML files or RTF documents, you will have to […]

How to Restore Show Desktop Icon

Sometimes, we accidently delete the Show Desktop icon in the Quick Launch menu. Although many of us use keyboard shortcut [windows] + d, there are people who still use this in quick launch. You can manually recreate it by creating a file called “Show Desktop.scf”. Open Notepad, and type in the following: [Shell] Command=2 IconFile=explorer.exe,3 […]

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