How To Copy or Save Photos from Locked Albums in Orkut

Recently Orkut added a feature which prevents any one from copying or saving your pictures from your albums in Orkut Profile. This is an automatic feature which will be activated for every profile. Here is a simple way to copy or save pictures from Orkut Albums :   1. Open the album where you want […]

Let Your Readers Copy and Edit Your Blog Posts with gooseGrade

Mistakes are pretty common to happen. These are much painful when you do them on something big like your Blog Posts. Now, A new service called gooseGrade is here which lets your readers to change any part of the blog by copying or editing your blog posts. The hope is that they’ll help fix your […]

Free Commander : A Windows Explorer on Steroids

A Windows Explorer alternative that packs a punch, FreeCommander is a portable application that can be used from a CD or USB stick (or from your hard  disk, of course). Copy the installation directory to the media and use the program on any computer.. just like that!   FreeCommander features a dual-panel window which, divides […]

Automate Your Operations Using Macros by Auto Hot key

Macros are small sets of instructions which perform a specific operation. Now if you need macros for just about any action, you need AutoHotkey. You could use it to replace blocks of text, but going beyond, you could do things like open your browser and several sites under tabs, make multiple directories, and shut down […]

Search Anything on Your Windows Desktop with Everything

The Windows built in search function is not so cool as it takes ages to find anything and often doesn’t show what you’re looking for. There are good alternatives like Google Desktop Search and Windows Search 4.0. But they eat a fair bit of RAM, processing power, and use a ton of disk space to […]

Add “Reboot Into Safe Mode” To Your Start Menu

Safe Mode is an excellent feature in Windows XP which is not used much. But it serves great to perform repairs and other operations which may crash the system. Generally the safe mode can be accessed through BIOS. Now. we can add “Boot into Safe Mode” in your start menu. To do this you require […]

How To Backup your Google Chrome Profiles

Here is a tool which lets you create backups of your Google Chrome’s profile. It is called  Google Chrome Backup. Along with creating backups Google Chrome Backup also creates user profiles, useful for multi-user machines with one log-in. It also saves and restores your Chrome settings, and creates new profiles on the fly.                  […]

WOT : A Firefox Add-On for Internet Security

Internet Security is the major problem we are facing in the present situation. Spywares,Malwares,Adwares and many other viruses are a major threat to our systems. Now here is a tool which protects you from all these threats. It is called WOT.   WOT is the acronym  for Web of Trust. WOT is actually a Firefox […]

Windows Explorer Hack : Disable and Re-Enable the Menu Bar

Windows Explorer can be used to play many tricks to tease your friends. One of them is making your Menu bar vanish or Disappear and again Re-appear. Menu Bar contains all the options of the file and If it is gone it will definitely lead into confusion for the user. The trick can also used […]

6 Best Ways to Open & Convert DOCX Files

DOCX format is the special format for Microsoft Office 2007. These files cannot be opened directly by Microsoft Office 2003 or earlier versions? generally DOC format is used in those versions. Here are 6 ways which will help you to open the docx files quickly and easily. I will update the list regularly. You too […]

Strategy Guide to Counter Strike – Tips and Tricks

Counter-Strike is played by millions across the globe. It is a very interesting first person shooter game. Here is a Strategy guide to make it more interesting. With these Tips and Tricks you be a little better in your gaming without using any cheat codes and can beat your friends and win easily.   Group […]

How to Compile Software From Source Code in Linux

In Windows, installing software is a matter of clicks. In Linux, Depending on the distribution you have, software can be downloaded in the form of either RPM or Deb packages. Again, you can compile software directly from source code—download the source code which comes in a tarball, unzip it and then compile it. In fact, […]

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