How to Sort Menus Alphabetically in Windows XP

In Windows XP the programs in the START menu is arranged without any specific order. You can make them arranged in the alphabetical order by a simple registry tweak. In order to perform this, here is the procedure: Start the Registry editor: Start > Run > regedit > [Enter]. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder Right click on […]

Find Details about Unknown File Extensions

At times, downloading, installing and uninstalling several programs could lead you to a confusing and dangerous situation. When you’re on a hard drive cleaning spree, you might be wary of deleting an important OS file instead of a junk one. Using Task Manager also doesn’t serve the purpose. So what do you do when you […]

Windows RUN Commands you may not know

Here are some Windows RUN Commands which can be used to start applications from the RUN. In windows XP or Vista Run can be invoked either by selecting it from the START menu or by Pressing Windows key + R. You can try these commands to simplify your computing experience and also to run different […]

Simple way to Make your own Google Gadget

Making your own Google gadget is surprisingly easy—you just need to have an idea of what are you going to “gadgetise,” and a few clicks later, you’ve got yourself a brand new gadget. you won’t immediately be allowed to put your gadget on your Blogger page, but it’s a start. Start with a site whose […]

How to Stumble a page without Stumble Upon Toolbar

You can now Stumble any pages or posts without using StumbleUpon toolbar. Stumbleupon can be a great source of traffic.  In order to stumble a post or a page you will need 2 things. Firstly an account in, You can see my profile at and you can add me up too. Next step […]

Make your Excel Spreadsheets interactive with CX Now

Making Excel spreadsheets and documents is a boring task which involves full of graphs and charts. But one thing that lacks in them is interaction. For example if you are using spreadsheets in some presentation of yours how many of your viewers actually look at those graphs in detail? If you use CX Now, they […]

Make your own Fonts from your Handwriting

Fonts may just seem a fancy at first, but when you think about it, we’ve all seen the impact a good font can make (and the negative impact a bad one can). Do you think you have good handwriting? If you do—or even if you don’t—how cool is the idea of creating a font from […]

Boot Into XP Using A USB Flash Drive!

Booting into Windows XP can be done through USB drive. This can be useful if you are getting any booting errors and also if you don’t have that bootable cd or cd drive available. This involves a simple process which will copy down the files required for booting into the USB drive and then operating […]

How to Hide Hard Drive Partitions

In order to protect your data from others there are many ways like preventing access to your drives by locking them with the help of a software or you can even lock the folders without using a software so that others can’t open them. Another method is hiding your drives partitions which will make your […]

How to Compress Videos And Add Audio Tracks

Large sizes of videos are always a problem if you want to upload them to sites like Youtube or even for storing them. Compressing these large videos using the right formats and codecs can help bring down the size without having to sacrifice on quality, which I’ll show you how to do. I will also […]

Scribd – Share documents and files online for free

This is a free online library where anyone can publish and discover documents that are non-copyrighted and not considered illegal in the United States. These documents could be personal documents like school papers, PowerPoint presentations, research articles, funny pictures, free online books, commentaries, spreadsheets… whatever you can think of. Scribd started off as a project […]

How to create windows XP live CD in 15 mins

Microsoft Windows XP live CD  is the best way to boot into the Operating System without installation into the computer. By using this XP Live CD you can use XP and its features without actually installing them. This sounds cool, right? Creating a Live CD is not a big problem. It just involves adding of […]

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