10 Simple Ways To Speed Up Your Windows XP

Here are some 10 quick tips to speed up your computer. I have already posted about ways of speeding up your computer. These will help your XP run faster. Tips to speed up your Computer 1. Defrag Disk to Speed Up Access to Data One of the factors that slow the performance of the computer […]

How to disable the Windows System tray

One of the most frequently accessed places on your desktop will be your Windows System tray. What is good about this little tray is that it gives access to some of your running programs through a tiny icon. But when the installed programs are more it will occupy most of the space in the taskbar. […]

Video Capturing Devices

Have you ever thought of converting your old VHS tapes into DVD’s. Well here is a type of device which will make that happen. It is called as Video Capture Deviceand you connect it to USB of your computer. A Video Capture Device is a device which allows you to connect video playing equipment like […]

How to choose a Printer for Digital Photography

Although digital technology allows people to display and store their images using various media which are reputed to last for centuries, there’s still something to be said for having an actual photograph in your hands. Displaying digital images using various types of high-tech equipment can be a bit expensive. Because of this, many people still […]

Abacus Home : The place for complete info about abacus

Today in this world of computers, the abacus may seem old fashioned and a play toy. However, it should be remembered that it is because of the abacus that today’s handhelds , desktops and supercomputers have become possible. The abacus is as old as humanity itself. Archeologists believe that the abacus was invented in China […]

Keyboard shortcuts for Google Reader

Google Reader is one of the first things I open when I switch on my computer and Not only me almost all of us will do the same. So the navigation in the reader can be done easily through some KeyBoard Shortcut Keys. When going through thousands of blog posts, news items, photos, etc. a […]

How to build a Web Directory

Why create a web directory in the first place ? There are many good reasons for creating a web directory. Some of these are: A web directory can be a good source of income if you can get good pagerank and search engine traffic. It is a good way of bookmarking your favorite sites. Furthermore, […]

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